Authentic Brand Integration.

  • Unified Branding

    Experience seamless cohesion as the CRM easily mirrors your brand's unique identity.

  • Customized Touchpoints

    Dive into a system where every touchpoint is tailored, echoing your brand's essence and ethos.

  • Narrative Integration

    Benefit from a platform that doesn't just adapt but fully immerses itself in your brand's narrative.

Empower vision and amplify your impact.

  • Unified Approach

    Harness the power of your CRM to align team goals, fostering collaboration and enhancing productivity.

  • Strategic Insights

    Leverage historical and new data analytics to help guide decisions, ensuring every team member moves in harmony towards success.

  • Streamlined Operations

    Experience the ease of CRM workflows, allowing teams to focus on what truly matters: achieving your vision.

Optimize company unity, elevate customer support and communication.

  • United Workforce

    Seamlessly integrate every department, ensuring cohesive collaboration throughout your company.

  • Customer Support Excellence

    Deliver unparalleled assistance, addressing client needs promptly and efficiently.

  • Flawless Communication

    Enhance real-time interactions, bridging gaps between teams and customers for optimal support.

A Comprehensive Arsenal of Empowering Solutions.

CRM for FinTech Industry

  • Network monitoring for fault, performance, and availability.
  • Automated capacity forecasting, alerting, and reporting.

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Leads Management System

  • Import, edit, store, organize and assign leads.
  • Set status, create reminders, and schedule alerts.

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Merchant Application & Boarding

  • Automated application system for the quickest boarding.
  • Automated reports, available in real-time via Desktop or mobile.

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Invoice and Billing Solutions

  • Automated, customized invoices, receipts, and more.
  • Integrated invoice and billing reports for all clients.

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Residual Reporting System

  • Predictive software calculates residual revenue in real-time.
  • Professional accounting-grade systems for residuals.

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World-Class Service Desk

  • Full ticket and reporting service for quick customer service.
  • Training videos and articles on demand.

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Real-Time Management Reports

  • Real-time reports available via desktop or mobile.
  • Automated reports using our proprietary Intelligence Engine.

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Security and Compliance

  • Online security training, monitoring and checklists.
  • Enterprise-grade PCI compliance via offical monitoring.

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More CRM Features…

  • Fully integrated phone system that seamlessly operates across the CRM for all users.
  • Expertly manage and oversee on-site and remote users, maintaining full control.

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Aquifer CRM Support

We're your partner at every phase.

Our support team: Your launchpad partner.

  • Your Data Landscape

    Simplify the complex task of data migration and take your information where it's needed effortlessly.
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  • Real-Time Support

    Our Live Support is the heartbeat of your experience, available exactly when you need it, to guide you through every step.
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  • Experienced Help Team

    Your destination for answers, tips, and expertise, where your curiosity is met with solutions at your fingertips.
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Aquifer CRM, born from decades of wisdom, striving to elevate your every moment.

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