ACH Billing

Aquifer CRM allows your company to send invoices to your merchants to purchase credit card processing machines, POS systems, software, or any other services you provide.  Aquifer CRM also allows you to import residual reports from your processors, generate invoices, and pay your employees and sales agents via ACH payments.

Our full integration with ACH Works offers payment solutions for organizations of all sizes and technical capability.Whether you are looking for a robust payments management portal, powerful integration and verification tools, or a simple online check out, we have the solution that fits your needs.

The Virtual Terminal is an online payment portal you can use to create and manage your ACH payments.  Verify bank accounts in real time to reduce ACH returns or validate accounts in advance of accepting payment.  Enter and manage Credit Card and Debit Card acceptance through the ACHWorks Virtual Terminal.  Accept ACH transaction authorizations directly on your website or mobile application using ACHWorks Checkout.  ACHFileChex saves you money and labor by automatically verifying ACH files and reporting errors.