The Aquifer CRM

Our Aquifer CRM software (customer relationship management software) built especially for the merchant services industry, is a tool that’s designed to help your sales organization to offer your customers, sales team,and employees a unique and seamless experience, as well as build better relationships by providing a complete picture of all customer interactions, keeping track of your sales, revenues, residuals, payroll, transaction activity, organizing and prioritizing all sales opportunities.  Your merchants can login and view all transactions, and interact with your company for instant messaging, trouble tickets, email, appointments, and more.

Our CRM customer relationship management is a software system that helps merchant service organizations nurture their relationships with their clientele. Our CRM also assists with organization, efficiency, time management, and impressing clients every step of the way.

Our CRM software has been around since the 1990’s but has come into its own over the last decade. Our CRM platform is a powerful system that connect all the data from your sales leads and customers all in one place. Our CRM records and analyzes all calls, emails, and meetings, helping improve customer service, drive sales, and increase revenue.

You can get personal at scale as you delight every one of your prospects and customers with just-for-them messages. You can track, segment, and slice the data to make your sales and marketing smarter, more potent, and more efficient. Our customer relationship management is a literal description of what CRMs do, but those three bland words don’t tell the whole story. Without a software designed to help stay on top of the details, business owners can run themselves ragged trying to keep up. This has firmly established our Aquifer CRM as a must-have for sales agents and small business owners who want to improve relationships with their employees, sales agents, lead prospects, live merchant clients, partner relationships with processors, and other contacts.