Customer Service

Supporting our customers

and each other

The key phrase here is “each other." We sometimes push a customer focus to the point where we blind ourselves to the simple fact that customer service is a team sport. When a culture is established where agents go out of their way to help each other, your ability to assist customers increases exponentially. Make the privilege of serving one another a big deal.


For our demographic, great customer service is all about facilitating resolutions quickly and easily. When we can get our administrators back to work with minimal drama, we’ve done our jobs well. There’s no “wow” moment required, and “delight” rarely leads to increased customer loyalty (view Customer Effort vs. Delight blog here).


The keyword is knowledge, which enables accuracy. A support organization is really only as good as its ability to create, curate, and distribute knowledge. We are working hard to become a “KCS,” or knowledge-centered support team. We also create a culture of life-long learners. Everyone should be continually growing in his or her knowledge and abilities.


In a world overrun by IVRs, chatbots and automated messages, our support team places a huge emphasis on the human element. We are just people supporting other people, after all. While we strive to be knowledge experts, we characterize a more personable tone in our phone interactions and beyond. Agents are highly encouraged to be themselves and engage in real life dialog with interested customers.