Online Applications

One of the greatest advantages of our online application system is that sales agents can submit merchant applications while on location at the merchant’s location. All that is required is access to a computer and internet connectivity.

With web-based applications, users access the system via a uniform environment—the web browser.  In the merchant services industry, regardless of what processing company you use, our team of programmer’s custom builds online applications specific to the needs of your sales team.

  • API integration of customized user-friendly online merchant applications
  • Ability to submit applications to the merchant for electronic signatures
  • Connect directly with your processing company
  • Real-time submissions, status notifications, underwriting, and POS deployment between the sales team, the processor, and the merchant
  • Streamline automated process
  • Improved workflows between management, sales team, underwriting, and clients
  • Better customer service
  • Increased sales
  • Higher productivity and efficiency
  • Centralized database of information
  • Streamlined internal communications